Published on 01/10/2018 8:22 am
How to have control over the quality when you grow pot?

If you have tried buying pot in the open market you will know what kind of quality that you could expect. As people have no other option or at least that is what they think, they continue buying marijuana that they get in the market regardless of the quality. After some time people get fed up with the quality of the stuff that they find and they venture into growing their own marijuana. The idea here is that by growing one’s own marijuana it is possible to have a better control over the quality. The question is how do you have control over the quality of the marijuana that you grow?

To start with when you are just getting started with your marijuana cultivation efforts, you should go ahead with beginner strains. When you choose beginner strains, you will be able to save yourself from lot of hassles that come with choosing some exotic or some complex genetic strains. The idea here is that you will be able to focus on the quality factors as opposed to getting your energy drained in just the cultivation process itself. Until you gain experience and you are sure about the overall process stick to beginner strains. This is the first step to remember when you are trying to ensure quality.

Secondly, you will need to get good quality seeds. This is something that you need to remember all through the cultivation project no matter how many times you cultivate your marijuana, whether you are a beginner or you are someone who is experienced. You can choose any genetic strain – hash strains, white strains or diesel strains but the bottom line is that the quality of the seeds that you choose is nothing short of the best. Try to get the best quality seeds and you will ensure good quality weeds for smoking. Yes they are that closely connected.

Thirdly, when you are cultivating marijuana you should not make the mistake of germinating the seeds, planting them and forgetting totally about it except watering the plants. If that is what you are going to do then you will not have healthy plants and the yield quality will also not be good. What is expected of you is that you spend daily at least few minutes with your plants. If you are not sure whether it is possible for you to do this then it is best not to venture into the cultivation project at all. Why is it important to spend few minutes daily with your plants? Your weed plants undergo some change daily. They care constantly growing. In this process they could go through various rough patches such as pest attacks or such as air borne infection and so on. You cannot totally avoid them but what you can do is to catch such things at a very early stage and do that is required to get rid of the issue that is hampering the growth of the plants.

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